School Meals – Weekly Menu

Meals are cooked on the premises and served during the lunch break under the supervision of the welfare staff. Children may bring a packed lunch if parents wish and these are eaten in the dining room under the same conditions of supervision. Packed lunches and drinks brought for mid-day may not be eaten at other times of the day or in class. Hot drinks or soup are not permitted for safety reasons. Drinks should be brought only in plastic “roughneck” flasks or a similar leak-proof plastic container. At present ALL pupils in Foundation and KS1 receive universal free school meals from the government. This means up to the end of Year 2 parents do not pay for a school meal. We encourage ALL infant pupils to have a school meal.

Payment for dinners is made in advance at the reception area before 9.00 a.m. on Monday mornings or via the Eduspot school payment App. Please send dinner money in a sealed envelope on which the name of the child and the amount are written. Children absent on a Monday may bring dinner money on the following day but it will not be banked until the Friday. We are not permitted to allow children to receive dinners without payment. Information and advice about free meals can be obtained from school or from the Area Education Office.

At Hippings ALL children on school dinners bring home a menu in advance and choose the meal that they want. There are 4 options everyday including a pack up option.

School meals

Click on the link above if you think you are entitled to free school meals.  This will direct you to the LCC page so that you can apply.