Medicine in School

Please complete the above Medicine consent form and bring into school with your child’s medicine.  Please bring it to the School Office.

Whenever possible, we ask that parents come to school to administer prescribed medicines to their children if this is necessary during the day. If this is not possible, and you wish a member of staff to do this for you, please contact the Headteacher personally to make arrangements. We are not able to administer any form of medicine to the children without precise written details of dosages, times and the nature of the illness for which the medicine has been prescribed. We have a particular concern for children who suffer from asthma and ask parents to complete a registration card in conjunction with their GP to provide details of asthma problems and current treatment.


If your child has Asthma and has an inhaler, please ensure that we have an inhaler in school and that you have filled out the above Asthma Plan.