Every school day counts

Attendance percentages can be misleading. Consider the following:

100% Attendance 0 Days Missed = Excellent Gives your child the best chance of success and gets them off to a flying start.
95% Attendance 9 Days of Absence Satisfactory - 1 week and 4 Days of Learning Missed
90% Attendance 19 Days of Absence 3 Weeks and 4 Days of Learning Missed Poor- Less chance of success. Makes it harder to progress
85% Attendance 27 Days of Absence 5 Weeks and 3 Days of Learning Missed Very Poor - Almost half a term missed. Serious implications on learning and progress.
80% Attendance 36 Days of Absence 7 Weeks and 3 Days of Learning Missed Unacceptable - Half a term missed
75% Attendance 45 Days of Absence 9 Weeks and 1 Day of Learning Missed Unacceptable- Almost 1 whole term missed

If your child has 90% attendance  they will have the equivalent of: 

  • ½    a    day    off    per    week, 
  • 19    days    off    per    year
  • 247    days    off    over    their    school    career    of 13 academic years, equivalent to over 1 year of lost education.

Consider what this means for 80% or even 75% attendance

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