9 March 2020

Year 5 have been working hard in PE sessions on our gymnastics unit. 

Our aims for this unit are:
Year 5 – Core Task  
 The ‘Acrobatic gymnastics’ core task involves children creating and performing a pair sequence on floor, mats and apparatus that includes three basic acrobatic balances (a part-weight bearing balance, counter-tension and a counter-balance) and up to six other actions. After an initial attempt at the core task, the children develop their sequence on floor and mats before adapting it to apparatus.   

  • To perform partner balances (matched and mirrored)
  • To perform counter balance 
  • To perform Counter tension balances  
  • To evaluate and recognise their own success
  • To create a gymnastic sequence with a partner
  •  To perform the core task “Acrobatic gymnastics”  
  • To evaluate and recognise their success
  • To develop a sequence onto apparatus

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