Hippings Methodist Primary School is committed to the active promotion and ultimate achievement of the goal of a smoke free working environment for all its employees consistent with the objective of health protection and promotion within an educational setting. The policy has been developed in consultation with all stakeholders.




  • To protect non smokers from the adverse health effects of environmental tobacco smoke in the workplace.


  • To demonstrate the school’s commitment to promoting the health of all pupils and staff.


  • To provide information and advice for those who wish to stop smoking.



Hippings Methodist Primary School will become a non smoking environment as from Monday 16 April 2007.


All staff teachers, peripatetic, support and non teaching staff as well as visitors and pupils may not smoke while on school premises. (this includes e-cigarettes). The prohibition of smoking will also apply during related school activities undertaken outside school premises including Educational Visits.


The prohibition of smoking will apply to the whole school site including sports field facilities, playgrounds and car park.




  • Members of staff will be given a copy of the policy that will become part of their contract of employment.


  • Parents will be informed of the introduction of the policy and provided with a copy.


  • Members of staff will be required to inform visitors to school of the policy.


  • Signs and notices will be displayed in prominent places throughout the school premises.





All pupils are forbidden from smoking on the school premises or whilst engaged on school related activities outside school.



When school premises are used for purposes other than school related activities or as part of the extended school initiative the smoking policy will still remain in operation.




The school smoking policy will be monitored annually by the Senior Management Team in consultation with the staff and Governors. The policy will be reviewed and if appropriate revised.