Hippings Methodist School is committed to work towards racial equality and to combat racial discrimination and racial harassment.


The Governors and staff at Hippings Methodist Primary School aim to promote community cohesion through:

  • teaching and learning and the curriculum – using opportunities across the curriculum to value diversity whilst also promoting shared values
  • equity and excellence, ensuring equity and high standards for all and tackling under performance by any particular group
  • engagement and extended services engaging with other schools, parents, and the community.

We recognize and except the duty placed on governing bodies to develop community cohesion, and through work with Lancashire County Council and the Methodist Circuit we aim to develop opportunities for the children and families at Hippings Methodist

Policy in Action

Equality and Excellence

We strive to provide equal opportunities for all, removing barriers to learning and eliminating the variations in outcomes for various groups. Bullying and harassment will be managed under procedures set out in the Bullying policy; and exclusions, and how to avoid these, will be closely monitored by the Head teacher and Governing Body.

Admissions to the Reception class, and casual admissions for the rest of the school follow guidelines set out by Lancashire County Council; ensuring no particular group are discriminated against, and parents from particular groups are not deterred from applying.

Engagement and Extended Services

We strive to promote opportunities to work with other children in their community, interaction with community leaders and members, and people outside their immediate community. Interaction will involve:

  • Community representatives brought into school to speak to, and work with the children
  • Extended services for family learning
  • Work with children from other local schools
  • Interaction with adults from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Local links with community groups
  • Pupil council and cluster council
  • Multi-agency working including School Nurse Educational Psychologist

Working With Partners

Hippings Methodist Primary School and its staff, governors and pupils have continued to strive to promote links within the community.

Within the school these include:

  • Working with the Church, regular visits by clergy and other worship leaders
  • Chaplaincy Policy
  • Charity days/events (i.e. Red Nose Day, harvest festival)
  • Visitors from various agencies and community groups to work with the children
  • Encouraging the pupils’ voice through School Council
  • Promoting engagement with parent through; parents’ evenings, curriculum evenings, community events, the signposting of parent and child courses, family learning, website etc.
  • Strong links are fostered and encouraged, enabling multi-agency
  • working between the school and other local agencies, such as the police, social care and health professionals
  • Providing access to (or signposting) extended services and community use of facilities for activities that take place out of school hours, including adult and family learning
  • LA and school admission arrangements promote community cohesion and social equality
  • Promotion of extended services within our school

With other schools these include:

  • Sporting fixtures (friendlies and competitive)
  • Collaborative working on cluster projects and partnership agreements enable us to share good practice and offer pupils the opportunity to meet and learn from other young people from different backgrounds and with other local schools
  • Lines are built into existing schemes of work and grounded in the curriculum with pupils working together on joint projects or activities


We acknowledge that the school plays an enormous role in the local community, and is a powerful tool in preventing discrimination and harassment taking place. This work can take place through its education provision, work with families, and work within the community by both staff and children. Our children have always received praise for their effort, conduct and management of themselves in the community and wider world, and this will continue as a standard for others to work towards.

Reviewed September 2017