Hippings Methodist School was founded by the local Methodist Church in 1809. The church at that time was situated in the area of the town known as Hippings Vale, where the bridge at the bottom of the “Straits” crosses Tinker Brook. Before the bridge was built, stepping-stones or “Hippings” stones were the means of crossing and it is from this old word that the school derives its name. In the 1850′s a school was built next to Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Methodist Church – now Rhyddings Methodist Church – and the school was known by this name for many years. The old building became unsafe in 1968 and the school was housed in temporary accommodation for several years.

The present building on Heron Way was opened in 1975. The school was built to an open-plan design and comprised seven class teaching areas or “home bases”. The building has been adapted and extended in recent years to provide seven self-contained classrooms, each with its own ‘mini-suite’ of computers. There are also some shared library/resource/working areas. The hall provides a large multi-purpose area for assemblies, dinners and P.E. lessons. There is a large playing field and two outdoor playgrounds.